Transmitter X1T (Manual, TTL and HSS) | for Godox AD200 and v850ii

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The Godox X1T Transmitter can control power of flash in either Manual or TTL mode. Transmitter can choose to control channel and group. First set your flash to a channel and group and then the transmitter will be able to control all flashes within a specified channel. For example, set all flashes to Channel 1, then set each flash to a desired group, A, B, C, etc. Set your transmitter to Channel 1 and now you can scroll thru each group and control power thru this transmitter.

Product description

Brand: Godox
Model: X1T-C/X1T-N/X1T-S
Weight: 98g
Color: Black
AF light: ON/OFF
Sync Mode: HSS
Radio Channels: 32
Flash Mode: TTL
Input/Output: PC in put
Flash Zoom Control: YES
USB fireware upgrade: YES
Radio Transmission Distance: 100m
Wireless Shutter Function: YES (2.5MM Sync port)
Battery: AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries(Not Include)
Compatible Cameras: Sony, Canon, Nikon TTL Camera
Transmitter Group Modes: Gr mode (A/B/C/D/E), Ratio mode (A/B/C)

In TTL Mode, Ratio Off
In M mode, flash ratio(A:B C)
Support for GR group flash, A-E group can set their flash mode separately
Controllable Slave Group
In the GR grouping mode, 5(A/B/C/D/E)
In the Ratio Grouping Mode, 3(A/B/C)
Transmission Distance(Max.) About 100m
Sync Delay Set: Yes(0-10ms, use 100 as the unit)
Zoom Setting: Adjust the flash's focal length through the transmitter
Output Interface: Use a PC cord to input and output
Firmware Upgrade: Use the Micro USB to upgrade
Memory Function: Settings will be stored 2 second after last operation and recover after a restart

Package included:
1 * Godox X1T Transmitter
1 * Warranty Card