Neutral Density Filter | ND16 Four Stop Filter | Godox XT16

Neutral Density Filter | ND16 Four Stop Filter | Godox XT16

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SRs ND16 for Godox XT16 Transmitter

We are proud to offer one of the highest quality, German glass ND filters on the market. We have worked hard to make available world class quality at an affordable price. When using the Godox AD200 in manual mode in bright light, it may be necessary to use a ND filter to use at lower Fstops to blur background and reduce over exposure of background because limitations of sync speed (1/200).

For example, on a bright sunny day at F2.8, ISO 100, shutter speed will be anywhere from 1/800 to 1/3200 to capture proper exposure of background in the sun. Using an ND filter over lens allows camera to lower fstop while keeping your shutter under 1/200 to enable use of flash. 

Neutral Density Filter ND16 (4 Stops)
1. High quality Germany B270 optical glass
2  Antibacterial, mold-proof
3. Double sided Multi-coated
4. Ultra low color skew
5. Highest Clarity and Sharpness

Variable ND filters will not match the quality of sharpness and consistency achieved with this filter. Our ND filter is similar to popular brands costing double the price.