FREE Godox AD200 Training

It's easier than you think...

I've been selling wireless flash products for several years and I notice many people buy systems and never use them until several months or even a year later. I guess I'm guilty of this too because I bought a button maker three months ago and I still haven't open the box to use it! So I ask myself, why the delay? We hate change in our life and we naturally resist doing or learning something new. Some of us need a bit of hand holding or an urgency to use the product to get us engaged. And once we do, we always say, "Why didn't I do this earlier, it was so simple!"

People learn in different ways, some people never read product manuals (that's me), some people like to learn by doing and some people need a bit of hand holding when trying to learn something new. Learning how to control an off camera flash can be very intimidating at first with its many features... Groups, Channels, HSS, TTL, Manual, Zoom, EV compensation, Wireless control, Sleep mode, etc.

If you want some expert help on how to control your Godox AD200 and understand the amazing features this flash can offer, we have some FREE training and help.

We will have regular training sessions where you can drop in and learn the basics like... setting up groups and channels, how to use HSS, when to use TTL or Manual, etc. A safe place to ask any questions and get immediate ANSWERS from the experts.

If you can't make our hands on workshops we will also post training videos on this website for 24/7 online learning anywhere in the world! Also join myAD200 Facebook Group for online help and ask questions.

Godox Training Days- Free Workshop

May, Los Angeles Area TBA