Ultra 150 Video Light NEW!

Ultra 150 Video Light NEW!

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This is one of the most powerful, portable video lights on the market. Perfect for photography or video. Most video lights are unusable in bright light situations because they are simply not strong enough to compete with the bright sunlight. The Ultra 150 is a 7,500 Lux monster that can handle the most demanding situations.

It is both battery operated for outdoor and on the go use or can be used with an AC power adapter (included) for beautiful studio portraits especially used with a Bowens mount softbox or accessory.

You will not be disappointed with the versatility, power and price point.

Also add complimentary SoftBox for perfect portraits.

Video Light Features:

  • 150W Video Light
  • 7500 LUX
  • Dim-able from 1% - 100%
  • Remote control
  • Quite cooling
  • Metal Hood
  • Bowens Mount
  • Umbrella Mount
  • Light-stand ready
  • LED protector when packing
  • USB charger port for smartphone, iPad, etc.
  • 2 x NP-F970 Batteries with Charger (used both at once)
  • Interchangeable battery option
  • AC adaptor
  • DC input for external power sources (not included)
  • 3-10 hr run time

View some amazing portraits using this light in a variety of lighting situations from bright light to low light.