Strobie 330 Two Pack with FREE TRANSMITTER

Strobie 330 Two Pack with FREE TRANSMITTER

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Easy to use manual flash. Don't be overwhelmed with the complexities and confusing options with many flash systems. Get going NOW with this simple and effective system.

Strobie 330 will also work with other popular manual trigger systems. Strobie 330 is a manual flash for ultimate control, reliability and consistency.

Features include:

  • Built-in Wireless radio receiver (also works with older v3 Transmitter)
  • Full to 1/128 manual power control
  • LED Video Light
  • Powerful GN 165 (ft) or GN 50 (meters)
  • Power Source: 4 x AA or External Power Pack
  • Slave Modes for wireless triggering from any flash, S1 and S2
  • Audio Confirmation- beep when flash is ready after discharge
  • Magic Flash Calculator Guide (one shot exposures)
  • Pull out CTO gel! Revolutionary Feature
  • Padded Case
  • Mini Stand

Special Introductory Offer: This two pack Strobie 330 includes FREE TRANSMITTER