Killer Business Cards

Killer Business Cards

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Affordable Luxury Branding

This is the perfect conversation starter. Incredibly thick business cards that create lasting impressions with it's soft, velvet finish. Available with full color printing both front and back.

With an impressive thickness and a tangible, velvety texture on the surface, the 38 pt. card stock that looks and feels of the highest quality.

Printed on 700 gsm paper with a black/red/green middle layer that is thicker than the two white layers, this paper stock is designed to provide depth and a unique appearance. It's simply the perfect tool for when you want to be unforgettable.

Easy to get started...

1. Download this PSD template to ensure exact dimensions, cropping, color mode, resolution, etc. Create your card with this template and then Save As to jpg, quality 10 or greater

2. Purchase your Cards

  • 1000 (19.5¢ each)*
  • 2500 (11.8¢ each)*
  • 5000 (9.7¢ each)*

3. Upload your files here

Turnaround is 10-14 days, shipping is USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days



Art Design
Custom handmade script logo for $40
Logo Design on the cheap
IMPORTANT: Graphic designers please use the below template if providing complete and finished business card design and layout.

Preparing files
Download these templates for correct size, color mode, bleed and trim requirements for precise layout. Create your card using this PSD file.

Please Save As or Export to jpg, quality 10 or higher
To print a standard business card use final resolution of 1260 x 735 for horizontal card or 735 x 1260 for vertical card.

In printing terminology, the bleed is the extra margin on a print product that is meant to be trimmed off when the product is trimmed to its final size. Bleed basically means that the color and graphics on a product "bleed off the page" to ensure continuity of the color to the edge of your product. For the best results, please download the product templates from our download templates page.

When we print products such as business cards and postcards, we do not print on paper of that size. We gang-run print, which means that we organize several print jobs next to one another on a large sheet of paper, print, and then trim each individual product to its final size. Jobs cannot be trimmed perfectly on the trimming line each time. During the trimming process, a product may be trimmed within or beyond the trimming line. As a result, the product may have a white edge, or a portion of the artwork from the surrounding jobs. Thus, we require a bleed on each individual product so that when the product is trimmed, there is an extra margin to prevent imperfections.

A full bleed is required for all print-ready files. For the correct bleed for your product, please view the list below. For example, most business cards have a 0.1" bleed, so a 2" x 3.5" business card without round corners will have a bleed size of 2.1" x 3.6".