Killer Video Light 300ii

Killer Video Light 300ii

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This is the perfect combination for location and wedding photographers who need to create the perfect light whether you are in bright sunlight or in extremely low light situations. The Killer Video Light is a powerful light source strong enough to overcome the 2 stop reduction of light when using a diffuser like an umbrella or soft box.

Killer Video Light 300ii

Super strong LED light. ALL LEDs dedicated to daylight temperature for maximum strength in a small footprint. Dual temp video light is not as strong as mono temperature light relative to size. This 300LED light is stronger than 300LED dual temp light.  When this light is diffused thru a simple umbrella or softbox it is like a natural light portable window that you can carry with you anywhere you go!

Constant light is the preferred method when shooting in high ISO situations or once the sun hits the horizon set up this light and create some amazing portraits!

Video #1

Video #2


  • ·Dimmer to control the LED light intensity
  • ·Power : 18W
  • ·Illumination: 2350Lux
  • ·Color Temperature: 6000K/3200K
  • ·Beam Angle: 60xc Degrees
  • ·LED light size:170x130x40mm
  • ·Package Weight: About 560g
  • ·Bottom screw: 3/8" screw

Video Light Includes:

  • Killer Video Light 300ii with Barn Doors
  • Color Correcting Gels/Diffuser (3pcs)
  • Hot shoe/Tilt Head /1/4" thread (bottom)
  • Lithium Battery, Travel/Car Charger

Options (See Godox AD200 accessories)

  • 15" Quad Bar - holds Godox AD200(s) and video light
  • Umbrella
  • 32" Softbox | Grid
  • AC adaptor