The World's Best Pocket Flash | Godox AD200


World's Best, Really?

I've been in the industry for 15+ years as a full time photographer and international educator, it's hard for me to get excited about a product but the Godox AD200 is going to be THE lighting product of 2017 hands down!

Small portable strobes often lack power in bright sunlight situations and powerful studio flashes are usually very cumbersome and not very portable- heavy battery packs, cords and clumsy lighting attachments with time consuming set ups. Wedding photographers and on location portrait artists who need fast setups will LOVE the versatility of this flash- POWER AND PORTABILITY!

Enter the 200ws Godox AD200. Small enough to fit in your pocket but the strength of three conventional flashes. It also incorporates a built in lithium battery pack that can last 500+ full power flashes! If you use Canon, Sony or Nikon you can operate this flash in TTL, Manual and HSS (High Speed Sync up to 1/8000)- which means using low Fstops in extremely bright light! For all cameras with a hot shoe- Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Hasselblad, Leica, etc. can use the AD200 in manual mode with wireless power adjustment. The built in 2.4G receiver can trigger flash up to 100m or the length of a football field in an open area with the compatible transmitter.

To Bare or Not

The Godox AD200 is a modular flash with both a standard speedlight head at 35mm zoom (52GN) and a bare bulb head (60GN) which delivers a bit more power. I recommend for on location and wedding photographers to use the standard flash head for on-the-go durability and ease of use when using, diffusers, snoots, grids, umbrellas, etc because you can still use your speedlight accessories. The AD200 also has some very nice accessories like a barn door gel/grid kit and mini softbox/beauty dish/grid option. The speedlight head also has a video light feature so if shooting in low light and high ISO this is a useful constant light feature that may come in handy for ring shots, details, moody portraits, etc. However if you like the look of a bare bulb and need a bit more punch, that is also an option for you. There's is much to like about this pocket flash especially when the price is so affordable! Take a few on the road with you and you're ready for ANYTHING!

myAD200 Website | Blog

This website is dedicated to helping people maximize their experience with the Godox AD200. We will be featuring many videos from world renowned pros to your favorite Godox YouTubers. We will host free workshops for hands on training and offer many instructional videos, tips, tricks and techniques. Stay tuned as photographers get their hands on this amazing flash and start posting their work and sharing their knowledge.

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